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3088 East Farm Road 88 ​Springfield, MO 65803

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Why ​Blackberries

We originally, wanted to move out of the ​city to situate ourselves on some land ​with beautiful sunsets and space. We ​quickly decided we wanted to use some of ​the space we had to grow something that ​would bring us some joy. Upon further ​thought, we decided upon blackberries ​because they are one of our favorites, ​they grow beautifully & natively, and most ​of us have a nostalgia about them! Just ​think blackberry cobbler with homemade ​ice cream in summertime. What is better ​than that?

About Us

We are David and Amber Bowler. ​We were born and raised in the ​Springfield area. We have three ​grown sons and three grandkids. We ​have a love of the outdoors and ​growing our own food. We are dog ​lovers and enjoy being home to ​enjoy our family, yard, and pets.

Our help

My mom, Rhonda, and her best guy, Phil, have ​been a tremendous help to us! They have been ​there every step of the way, from encouragement ​to kicking us into gear to move on to the next ​phase when we got stuck. They showed up to work ​in every way.

We also could not have done it without family and ​friends who showed up for planting day and those ​who encourage us by their interest and inquiry.

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Amber Lane Farm Blackberries

Just a short drive from

Hwy 65 and I-44 located at

3088 E.Farm Road 88, ​Springfield, MO 65803